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Adding custom skies in XWE

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I found this sky texture that would look really nice in a new map im building but i have no idea how to get it into the game. My question is: How do you put custom skies in your wad and use them with the MAPINFO lines Sky1 customsky 0.0

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Th0r said:

Better yet, how to do it in skulltag with the MAPINFO lines

Note: This is the sky

I did the patches>entry>load thing but all i get is a discolored sky1.

What you're getting is a bug commonly called "tooty fruity".

The reason you're getting this bug is because you're trying to use a texture that is 512x320. Unless you're using Zdoom, you'll get this tooty fruity bug unless the sky texture is 256x128.

Not to worry though, I have a temporary solution to your problem.

Just add that to the wad via XWE. It may not look too pretty but it's better then a tooty fruity texture.

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If you want to load .png files, use load(raw data) otherwise XWE will convert it to a doom palette image. Of course then you'll need a port which supports png files. I haven't followed skulltag too closely, so no idea if it does or not. Maybe an opengl/d3d only feature.

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