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More ambient sound pains.

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Ok, so basically I have 5 ambient sounds that I want to play at random. For some reason, it isn't working at all. They'll play, but not in the period of time that I specify. I tried activating the sounds with "ambientsound" with ACS, but no go. I'm pretty sure I'm doing this correctly, and am beginning to question if the OGGs are just fucked up. Also, on the 6th ambient sound, I cannot control the volume. And for the SECOND time, here's the SNDINFO. (this time discluding sounds that aren't defined yet)

thun1 THUNDER3
thun2 THUNDER2
thun3 THUNDER1
ant1 DIST1
ant2 DIST2
gully RAIN1
foire FIRE

$AMBIENT 1 thun1 WORLD RANDOM 1.0 140.0 127
$AMBIENT 2 thun2 WORLD RANDOM 1.0 150.0 127
$AMBIENT 3 thun3 WORLD RANDOM 1.0 192.0 127
$AMBIENT 4 ant1 WORLD RANDOM 1.0 120.0 127
$AMBIENT 5 ant2 WORLD RANDOM 1.0 120.0 127

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$ambient sound definitions are for the ambient sound things you place in a map (14001-14065.) For playing sounds with ACS you don't need these definitions.

When starting sounds with ACS you have to control the delay and volume yourself inside your script.

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Ah, thank you. The Wiki doesn't seem to mention things like this. And sorry for being so inquisitive and annoying all the time.

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