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Making a Border-less Image

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How does one go about takiing an image out of a picture and making it a stand alone I.E.:

Let's say you got a picture of a Smurf House surrounded with smurfs, and you want to cut out one of the smurgs as a stand alone image wihout any square boarder or anything so you can drop him on top of another image.

How would I do this?

Tips for any paint program will do, thankx!

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Copy the patch with the smurf into an empty space and clear what's not important. Now you have the smurf on an empty space. Right click the space color, select the smurf, make sure you have selected the lower funny picture from the left, and place the smurf on the destination. Got it? :D

advanced drawing utilities (Adobe Photoshop, Photo(whatever)):

Use that magick magic wand tool which is common in such utilities. Smurfs are blue, but they also have clothes, so look which colours are taken. OK?

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I thought this was about the USA breaking down the imaginary borders between US and Mexico. Heh.

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Nope, for once I'm actually bringing up something that does not have to do with the NWO...

...or does it (sinister laugh)?!?

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