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hey.... in deepsea, how do i make two differant teleportation locations?

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hey in deepsea, also known as deep97 which pwns.
how do i make a teleportation location in two differant areas? i try making two sets of exit markers and entering markers. but both the exit markers bring me to the first tele entering marker i made. please help me.

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First of all: Teleports are entered on a line (linedef) and exit on a specific thing in a specific sector. There no such things as 'markers'.

If you want a two way teleport, you basically make 2 teleports. Make sure you use a different tag number on the sector/linedef for each.

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Open up the properties of the "entering" lines, and find something that says "Tag", now give them different tags, for instance the first one has tag 1, the second tag 2, now your 'exits' should be whole sectors, give those the same tags as your entrances (the exit sector for 1 is tag 1), and put "teleport destinations" inside your exits facing the direction you want to face when you exit

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