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Why is the source port ZIP FILE for EDGE corrupt when I download it?

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Why did you post basically the same thread twice. The results won't come any quicker if you do.

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Sorry for doing so, it's just that when I made the first topic, it was in the wrong board, so I made another one here to fit the board. And then the mods moved the other one I made here.

Sorry again.

one more thing, I have downloaded it from another server. how do I play wads in it? There is no launcher for it or anything. I am a complete noob to this stuff and I just want to play that hell666 wad already! :(

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Get the launcher from my sig...

Otherwise, just dragging and dropping the .wad file onto the GLedge.exe should be enough (assuming you got a fairly recent version of EDGE).

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I've put doomII as the iwad, Edge as the port, and the hell666 wad as the add on. but still, the level does not appeare when I paly. >_>

It did with legacy, but I could not get passed the second room because of things that need edge, like the new bosses and stuff.

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