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Hey im usein the Code Imp doom builder and i cant get it to work. I cant test the maps i have made, and its not just the internal testing system. I have tried to save it as a wad and run it, but it wont wokr. Any help would be good.

If you could help me through aim, my sn is HellsLostSpawn. Thanks!

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I'm guessing Doom loads correctly, starting on the first map?

When you first create your map, are you specifying "MAP01" as the map name? If not, you'll have to rename it to the map in Doom II that you want it to replace, probably the first, MAP01. You can do that with a wad lump management utility like XWE: http://www.doomworld.com/xwe/

Close your wad in DB before opening the wad with XWE, and then once open, look for the map header lump (it'll be whatever you named it). Right click on it and rename it to "MAP01".

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