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Shadow Dweller

Entity: Shadow Dweller

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Pretty cool. If it was more scaley, it would look like it was straight out of Castlevania.

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i was watching a t.v. show about the Chupacabra, one day, and i got thinking that since the Mothman, Chupacabra, and Jersey devil look almost exactly alike, is it possible that they are the same creature? Hmmmmmm.

then i thought "this would make an interesting story". a creature that is fed up with the human race. who hunts them by night from the woods of New Jersey. whom has a lust for its extermination. and one man, a marine sergeant on leave at his house,is haunted by visions caused by the creature seeing the things that the main character sees. thus, a psychic bond is created. the main character (Chris) sees what the creature (Entity) sees and visa versa. day and night, Chris cannot escape the visions, as he is slowly drawn into Entity's lair. those who enter, never leave. for within the darkness, death awaits.

A man versus himself versus the unknown.

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I think I may have made the lower-jaw a bit too long. But it's the best I can do with human-like features. Though i probably should start trying to draw more humanoid creatures for practice.

It kinda looks like that one boss from Hexen...or maybe not...

never played much of hexen.

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