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Akroid Sprite Project

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I noticed Shadow Dweller's post about his "entity", and thought I'd show one of my original creature ideas.

As some of you would be surprised to know, I'm a pixel artist on my spare time. At the moment, I'm working on a computerization of one of my favourite ideas.

A few years ago, I heard the name "Aykroyd" and thought to myself, "doesnt that sound like a skin disease you get on your neck?". Well, through hell and high water, the idea for "Akroids" was born. Akroids are frog-like creatures born with no arms, that use robotic arms and special armour to move around. I designed them early on to be ugly, outrageously ugly, with a cartoonish/impossible anatomy. As the idea progressed, more additions came to the Akroid race. Eventually, I forgot about the Akroids, going on to bigger and better things (Hitler Shark), but here I am, recalling my favourite times.

I decided that I'd make an Akroid sprite, with complete animations. I am currently done with the master frame, of which all other frames will be based. Here for your enjoyment.

An average Akroid. Notice the blaster-arm. (White background because transparencies make it too hard to see on a blue background.)

Process of making said Akroid.

Alternate Colouring.

In the words of Dr. Evil, this really is the kind of general malaise that only the ******* possess and the insane lament.

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Actually, once I finish the sprite sheet, I was considering what I might stick him in. It currently looks like he would fit a fighting game or a side scrolling shooter, but I cant really be sure, as my coding prowess is non-existant, and I would have to rely on a premade engine (such as MUGEN).

Although a cartoon would be a nice thought (I worked as a cartoonist for a while)

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i thought of doing cartoons, and comics, but my only set-back is that i cannot draw people or, for that matter, anything that looks like a human. i have tried but i saw that either the head was to big or small, neck to long, and so on.

i guess it is easier to draw things that don't actually exist.

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Update, including rockets, improved face, and new legs.

I'm not sure if I'll keep this one, because it seems to be overcomplicating it, as the nice part of the original was the simple colours and concept.

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