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[bug] linedefs with unknown texture

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DB v1.68 build 385

Gzdoom v1.0.16.226

njzd2001.wad by Enjay

linedefs 578 & 610
tagged 21
action 190 (H static init)

The sector 53 is tagged 21

The bug:
1) the linedefs don't appear when I do a search for linedef with a tag 21, and DB tell me that there is no linedef tagged 21.
2) when I put the cursor of the mouse on these linedefs, they don't highlight the sector 53.

Explanation: these linedefs have the code "FFFF00" for upper texture, which is classified by DB to be an unknown one. So that they are ignored!!!

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It doesn't have anything to do with the upper texture, its the game configuration which doesn't bind the associated sector with the line. I'll see if I can add it.

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