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Minor bugs

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I've found a few bugs that are minor, but thought I'd mention them anyway.

-In the search box, if you do another search, it increases the size of the results area.

-In drawing mode, if you draw a line, increase grid size so first vertex is no longer on the grid, then backspace, any vertices not on the grid will jump to the nearest grid.

-Decorate in a zdoom project. Open up a map that has a list of decorate things. Go to open the map again, but cancel before selecting a level. Go to the things list and any decorate items aren't there anymore.

-paint mode: If you pain over a missing texture, it fills the missing texture in, but also the middle texture for each line.

-Changing z-height with multiple things selected doesn't work as you'd think it would. Have multiple things selected, with the same z-height. If you then go to change the height from 64 to 72 using the arrows, clicking the up arrow once will do a ++72 resulting in changing the height to 136 instead of 72.

And a feature suggestion.
-The ability to click and change a field on the details bar. I think Deepsea has this, when you have something selected, holding a key will keep it focused.

That should cover it. Thanks for all the great work.

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