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Help with WhackEd

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I like this PWAD, but it only works correctly in ZDoom (the voices match only in that port). I was wondering if it's possible to make a DeHackEd patch that works with Vanilla [ports] that matches the sounds correctly (like in ZDoom).

If it is, could someone lead me to some WhackEd documentation. I am unable to find any.

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The reason it only works in ZDoom is because the wad includes a special SNDINFO lump that only ZDoom can understand. This lump defines the specific sounds for each monster/event in the game, and in this wad's case, it adds several new sounds (whereas the original doom merely repeated some, like the zombie sounds).

This effect is impossible to replicate in Vanilla doom. You are restricted to the hard-coded sounds and the pointers that play them.

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