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Help with ZDoom and DoomServ

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Ok I just downloaded the newest versions of both ZDoom and DoomServ. I got ZDoom Installed and working properly with the Doom2.wad and it is the 1.9999 or whatever. The trouble I'm having is with DoomServ. First off I am running WIN98 SE. I have already downloaded everything this site had that dealt with DoomServ. It has ver 5.0, and a patch to fix this version. and it also has ver 5.1. I downloaded all three of these. No matter which one I try to install while it is installing I get an error message saying that there was an access violation with a file and/or files that it tries to put in my Windows\System directory. It installs everything else though. Then when I try to run it, it comes up perfectly fine. I try to register myself as a new user. I submit my info, and I get a runtime error. Then the program quits and closes all together.
Now am I doing something wrong. Or are the files for DoomServ that are listed on this site messed up? In any case could someone PLEASE help me. Me and my buddies all want to play Deathmatch Doom. And playing it over the net is the only way that we all can be in the same game at the same time.
I known ZDoom has command line parremeters. But who wants to type a command line that is 3 pages long because of having to type 6 ip address or more.

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I known ZDoom has command line parremeters. But who wants to type a command line that is 3 pages long because of having to type 6 ip address or more.


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Well, as a supporter of peer-to-peer DooM, I guess I
should reply to this.

Try the following to get DoomServ up and running...


doomserv50.zip includes the following files:

READ ME NOW!!!!.txt

Unzip doomserv50.zip to some temporary folder, and run
setup.exe. It might need to update some files in your
c:\windows\system directory and might also tell you to
reboot your system at some point. When the installation finishes, copy the msdxm.ocx file that was included in doomserv50.zip to c:\windows\system.


Then unzip doomserv5fix.zip. Replace the doomserv5.exe
that the setup utility installed with the .exe in this


Now unzip washing.zip and grnstng.zip to the folder
Servers, which should already exist in the folder you
decided to install DoomServ into.

Run doomserv5.exe. Pick a server (try Washington first)
and a nickname and click Login. (You don't need to do a
new user registration. There are no password protected
accounts anymore).

Now that you're (hopefully) connected to a server, you
choose Tools -> Config -> Edit profile in DoomServ.
Enter your info, save, and restart DoomServ. You now
should see some people on the player list to the right,
if someone happens to be logged on. Now click Tools ->
Config -> Colors and make a fancy color scheme. Then
do Tools -> Config -> Configure games, and fill in the
complete paths to zdoom.exe and doom2.wad. Now you're
ready to play.

By the way, the size of your doom2.wad should be
14.604.584 bytes. That's the version most people use

Hope this helps. Do ask for more info if needed.


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