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decoration things?

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hay, i'm using Zdoom, but i dont really get these decoration things. Can someone help me out? all i need is someone to tell me how i use those action pointers or whatev u call the tings with the A_ in fron of them. Thanks!

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Poor little bugger. I'd say he never saw it coming... But well, it should've been clear as non-L.A. day.

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He's lucky. Although the threads he posted were classified as 1st degree spam, the mods decided not to put him down immediately and just losered him for a bit. He is recovering just fine but there are some other losers there who have taught him how the PM system works by constantly begging for him to send them some "personal" photos.

edit: Something tells me that IADI is [QNB]Death on another account. How else would he know about that crappy "Doom 4: My penis turns against me" fanfic gone wrong?

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