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Animated Caco

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i am dready from germany.one of the few female(OMG! D=) doomfans since day one and in love with cacos*G

so after all these years i decided, that its time to give my favorite demons some tribute...well ..

its the first animated gif i ever made.not perfect, but i like it *G

enjoy !

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Heheh, cute. Would make a good forum avatar. Now bring us hand drawn impse gifs!

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You may want to speed up the animation a bit (more frames per second)

and the DC logo is misaligned when he looks right.

Otherwise, great!

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jup...my logo is bouncing....but i was too lazy to edit all pix after i found out ^^°

and for the animationspeed: i played around with it and found that faster animation would steal a lot of the "comedianeffekt" O_o

next gif will include more pix so it will look smoother .... promise :3

oh, and thanks for the comments :3

edit: here is the pic from which i made the thing...maybe some like too see/have it too

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I like that. got that funny/cute/ugly thing going that I think is the caco. got any other anims?

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