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MP3 and XWE

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ZDoom supports MP3s right? So my broblem is that I load a MP3 music to XWE it know that format, but it not keep that thing music. What should I do? I tried that thing to put music only filter on, but it ain't help.

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Just because XWE doesn't show the music icon for a particular lump, it's no problem. (MP3's don't have a nice header, so it's not trivial to recognize what's an MP3 file.) It'll still work prefectly fine. Also, to import MP3 files (or any other type of music for that matter), you don't need to be in the "Music" filter. It'll work the same regardless.

If you name the lump something that XWE recognizes (e.g. name it D_RUNNIN), then the icon will look like music.

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