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BUG: Patch Import in Beta

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While trying to import these patches into a wad (new wad or existing one it doesn't matter) I get an error ("Range Check Error").

Test data:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Xwe (latest beta: non-beta version does NOT have the bug)
2. Create new wad
3. click on the Patches button and then try to import those four patches in the zip.

BTW I've also noticed the current beta is very unstable. I get a lot of odd (random) crashes, and sometimes it seems to hang when I open a wad. There's an error message I get a lot but right now I don't remember offhand: I'll write it down next time and let you know.

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Fixed, grab the latest beta. Let me know if you find any more reproducable bugs.

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Fixed, grab the beta.

This is for everyone, I hope you guys come into this thread to read stuff: first of all I'm unfortunately busy this week so other than this patch I won't be able to get to the other issues. But just hang on, I'll get back to everyone and try to fix/implement everything.

The current beta is a bit shaky, the reason: it's compiled with extra compiler checks. This is why the range check errors come up, but if you guys catch them, and I fix them, the next release will be that much more stable. So keep at it, please use the beta if you can, and do what Lobo does: give me a bug with steps I can reproduce. (Many thanks again for keeping at it everyone!)

If you are worried about losing data, just click Clean up every once in a while, which creates a backup for you. And remember that all wad entry operations are Undo-able.

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Ive gotten that error I told you about again.
All I had done was open a wad
(which contained only patches and textures), clicked on one of the patches to see the image, then closed XWE without making any changes at all. I got a windows error about "this program will be shut down" and then XWE reported
"Runtime error 216 at 0000306C".

I've just opened the same wad and repeated the same steps again and this time it closed normally. Must be some kind of wierd memory trashing going on.

If I ever get it nice and repeatable, I'll bundle everything up and get it to you.

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Hi Csabo,

As Lobo has described in his recent post; I too am getting very similar errors.

Unfortunately, to me XWE appears to do it "whenever it feels like it". For example, I'd spend time editing my DECORATE lump, then when I want to save it, errors might come up. It's really random; sometimes it says "file was modified outside of XWE, to avoid corruption, don't save" (or something like that), sometimes I get range check errors, sometimes I/O errors and sometimes some even weirder stuff; any attempt to do anything beyond that will corrupt my wad beyond repair. =(

I really wish I can help you reproduce these crashes and corruptions but it's totally random. Maybe you can add an error report log or something so that we can submit them to you if an error happens?

Thanks for your continuing support. Keep up the good work! Despite the crashing, XWE is still the only editor I use. I just make it a point to backup frequently.

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