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Doom Connector

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Here it is!
Got rid of the Legacy in the name, because it now supports all good ports and there are even more to come.

Second major update; File transfers, /sound support, PRBoom support, DEH and BEX files support and more new features are listed here.

The website also changed address to http://xodemultimedia.com/connector, but the old address will be keept as redirector.

And we got a nice small banner that you can use to put on your site to get some more people on this fresh service.

Again, users that have the Connector already do not have to worry about the update. They will get it automatically when they start up the Connector.
Suggestions for support are always welcome.

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Yup (was your idea to make such a thing too, wasnt it you?!)
Cool, I think its a good idea to attrac some people. Think of how it could be if there are some more interested people on that thing! :)

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