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ceiling and floor problems

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ok so now my next question is how i can see the floor and ceiling with out it looking like im noclipping out of the map. i do not know how to import a picture so that you guys can look and i apologise for it. any help would be of good use. thank you


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doombringer said:

i do not know how to import a picture so that you guys can look and i apologise for it.

to import a picture you can use imageshack to get you started. there are other image hosting sites, so you can ask around and see what else works for you.

-hit print screen on your keyboard, paste the image in paint and save it

-browse for your picture on the hard drive with imageshack

-hit "host it" and wait for it to upload (may take a couple seconds depending on the images size) make sure it is under 1.5 megabites (you can resize it in adobe photoshop or any other image editor you may have)

-when it uploads, highlight one of the thumbnail links, right-click and hit "copy"

-come to your post and paste it. from there you can use DoomWorlds' vb code page (you can find this page in the DoomWorld F.A.Q.)

this will create a link to your image at imageshack if done correctly.

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Looks like you're inside the walls... make sure your player one start is inside a sector with enough room for the player. If this isn't the case, can we get a screenshot from the automap, or possibly the level editor? You might have all your linedefs facing the wrong direction or something of that sort. The screenshot doesn't do much justice unless we know what the area is supposed to look like.

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I can think of 3 things you might have done wrong.

1. It could be what Earthquake said and you put the player start so close to the wall that the player ended up partially outside the wall.

2. You might have an HOM (Hall of Mirror) glitch that's usually the result of a missing texture. Make sure the upper and lower parts of that section are textured.

3.You might have also overlapped some linedefs on accident. This usually causes either a tutti fruitty effect glitch or a HOM glitch.

You could probably find some more information on the glitch here:

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all the lines are there you just have to refresh it or click it and go back.

i have tlite6_1 for the ceiling

and floor4_8 for the floor *duh*

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Ok the sectors are all screwy you should redraw it and make sure the same sector doesn't go on each side of the linedef... and also make sure you dont have sectors with only one lindef. You can't have a double sided line in the blank map space only between sectors.

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