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New Vile Flesh demos

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vdgg said:

MAP21 UV Speed in 4:44

hahaha, that was... laborous. good thinking.

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Heh, that's one of the maps I was considering running back in '11, but I just couldn't stand the annoying route that makes you visit every place two or more times. Especially the slow PE elevator, that's where I gave up.

Btw, most of my speedruns are quite "casual" and often quite lame, so improving the less annoying ones shouldn't be too hard. I don't recommend wasting your time with the ones that obviously look frustrating, because they are.

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Yeah the route is pretty stupid alright, but I got that run rather quickly so I didn't really spend enough time with it to get frustrated. Judging by these early hitscanfests feat. no armor, it doesn't look like there are many that belong in the less annoying -category, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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