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Arrrgh! What program will extract music from Doom 2, TNT, etc.?

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I found DMMUSIC for extracting midi's from doom wads but it seems to only work with Doom 1. It only shows the E1M1 type entries like it will only work with the doom 1 wad (not even ultimate doom!). I've tried several google searches for a music extractor that will work on any of the wads but no luck. Anyone know of a program that will extract music from all iwads and pwads? Thanks.

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XWE will do it but do you want the original music (MUS) or midi files?

If you grab the music file with XWE from an IWAD it will be an MUS. You would need to convert it with mus2midi to make it a midi file... Unless maybe XWE has been updated since I was using it last.


I think wintex does this on its own(XWE is better though).


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