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ZDoom HACX Problems?

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Hello. I just downloaded HACX, and Im trying to play it with ZDoom.
I made sure to load the .DEH file, and it just doesn't work right.

All the "lamps" or whatever they are, fall down and then go back up. Looping animation. Also, the computers and windows wont break. I'm sure theres more than that, but I didnt look around that much.
Did I do something wrong? Can anybody help?

Also, while Im at it, I might as well bring up the problems I had when I tried to run "Aliens TC" some time ago. I loaded all the files, but it didn't replace any of the enemies or show the eggs. Also, there were original Doom lamps blocking the way everywhere.

I'm a long time player, but new at this type of thing and don't really know much about how Doom works. Can somebody help me? :)

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