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Hoaky Doom2.exe :(

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Does anyone know where a working Doom2 executable is hosted? Filefront returns one search result named Doom2.exe. After several attempts to run the executable (I used the wadfile from the collector's edition, patched the executable, and assigned it a configuration file) I examined the hex and found it looked suspiciously like HTML.

If distributing the file is legal, can someone please post a link or provide information? I'll likely report the file for good justice, but I'll wait to avoid breaking the link.

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Why not use doom.exe from Shareware Doom and rename it? As far as I know it's the same...

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I'll wait for a few more people to respond, but I'll consider that. The Doom2.exe I downloaded was a webpage called EZThemes. Seems it might have hosted the file at some point in time, but I have no idea why someone would compile into an executable. :P

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Yes, the shareware exe is freely available and identical (byte-for-byte) to Doom2.exe.

On the following page, myk gives step-by-step instructions on how you can get the DOS exes:


The place where you attempted to download it clearly isn't the right file - the size makes that clear.

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