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Latest version of EDGE released: RC4

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It's available from the EDGE Home page.

I've been using it for months and I can safely say that it is the most stable EDGE I have ever used. It would also seem to be the last...

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Hey Lobo, the download link to the DDF docs on your uodated DDF docs page doesnt work, it would be very handy to have them saved in my doom folder!

Also i suppose you could ask the EDGE team if you could upload them to the sourceforge page, as the "offical" docs look like they will probably never get done.

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Yeah, I know. Problem is my host doesn't allow zips (well actually it does, but it automatically uncompresses them when you upload) and I don't have the bandwidth to spare to host them anyway.

BTW mine are "official" docs, but they are technically a WIP until EDGE gets out of RC status and that is why they haven't been uploaded yet.

The original idea was to have them available on the EDGE site at the same time as the full 1.29 release, though that doesn't seem likely anymore. I'll drop DarkKnight a note and see about getting them uploaded as-is.

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Good news!
EDGE is not dead yet! We still have a coder on-board, as Andrew Apted has agreed to fill in Andy Bakers shoes, at least until the full 1.29 release.

Remember, we still need all your bug reports (if you find any that is) so please keep 'em coming.

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