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MOD Tracking Compo [results!]

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My one still wins, Ace's is too 4/4. I totally dig BS' entry though.

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deathz0r said:

Ace's is too 4/4.


Anyway almost everyone in this competition needs to make music that doesn't destroy ears

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Ralphis said:

He means it's on the beat with the common time a little too much

HobbsTiger1 said:
what the fuck was DeumReaper doing?

idk, 4-channels/9-samples made it damn hard for me to make a decent track, but I figured I'd try anyway.

Ralphis said:
The beginning [of Tom_D's track] reminds me of Megaman.

Yeah I noticed that too; gj Tom

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My top three would have to be Tom_D's, AceOfSpades', and Bloodshedder's, in that order. Pretty good stuff. :D

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