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Where did my menus go?!

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This is probably a dumbass question but I sat there for about an hour trying to fix it and trying every key combination from Ctrl+<Inset Key Here> and Alt+<Insert Key Here> to the F1-12 keys. I read the help and all it gives me is info about how to use the menus I can't see.

I opened XWE today and noticed the top menu was gone, I also noticed a checkbox. I unchecked the checkbox and the side menu went away. I then couldn't get either of them back or find any help on it. I re-downloaded XWE and even tried to find any registry keys that make them hide.

So that brought me to here, do you guys know how to fix this? I am really pissed off at XWE right now... >_<

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I could have sworn I pressed that button since I pressed every F key, although I pretty much smashed them and that could be why since I that point I was getting pissed off. >_<' Thanks for the help none-the-less.

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