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Doombuilder like DEU?

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One of the reasons I quickly abandoned any map-making attempts back in the DEU days was that DEU was just too hard to use: imagine using an editor that DOESN'T automatically set internal/external sectors whenever you copy/paste or move stuff around or draw a closed shape, and you have to manually select and check nearly every sidedef for its sectors....on the other hand, the semi-automated approach used by e.g. Doombuilder makes most editing easier, but sometimes auto-spawning and auto-reassigning sectors isn't desirable!

Is there a way to make DEU more like Doombuilder or viceversa, to enable some kind of "dumb" editing mode in Doombuilder, for a more full control over sector spawning?

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If I were you, I'd stop using DEU altogether. I made the switch from DEU to Doombuilder a few years back and it was a good decision. So yeah. Switch from DEU to something else. Always a good decision.

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