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temporary folder

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Minor problem I've had with the latest version of XWE:

When importing files, I get an error 'Invalid filename', and an untitled marker appears in the file list, instead of the sprites I was importing.

After trying some stuff out, I found that I can skip the error and actually import that data by changing the temporary folder in the options to f:/ (My hard drive is not the C drive). However, whenever reloading the editor, it defaults back to c:/, and I have to change it again.

Not a serious problem at all, just a minor inconvience that you may want to fix :) XWE owns btw, of course.

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There's a few lines of code in the init part of XWE that check this variable. It's read back from the registry, then XWE checks if the folder exists. If it doesn't, it tries "C:\windows\temp". If that doesn't exist, it sets it to "C:\".

My guess would be is that for some reason, when XWE calls FolderExists on your "F:\" path, it gets a NO. Not sure why. Can you try to set it to some other path, like "F:\temp\"? Maybe that would work.

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Ouch. XWE never saved the setting the user entered. How did I not notice this before? Grab the latest beta, it's fixed.

Bloodshedder, good suggestion, I added that too. XWE now initially defaults to the value of TEMP, or if the value from the registry is not valid, it just uses the value of TEMP.

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