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bob the hellspawn

A Doom Story, Pt. 1

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Cpl. Tim Rathbury sat in his observation post, along with his squad in a lonely base that nobody knew about. He was not with the UAC, but rather with the Space Marine Recon Corps. They were the guys that were sent in an area first, to make sure that there were no demons, zombies, or rejected science experiments in said area. His squad was not the only human life nearby, but there was a battalion of SMRC in the area. They had taken zero casualties, even though they already had multiple encounters with the abominations of science, dumped into the moon from the UAC. The UAC had thought that moons came a dime-a-dozen, dumping their radioactive waste barrels on the moons of Mars, dumping rejected science experiments, etc etc. The SMRC was basically the bottom of the food chain by means of the corporations in space. Zero backup, limited air support, these guys were screwed in every which way, yet they still kicked the more ass than any other force in space.

"Hey Tim, throw me some ammo. I'm low on 7.62. Hurry the hell up, man! I see things on the horizon!" Lt. Eric Horvath yelled.

"Okay! Okay! God don't have PMS on the job here..." Tim muttered back. He threw Horvath a whole ammo can and picked up a set of binoculars. On the horizon he could see creatures with brown matted fur, pink skinless monsters, and five creatures with pink torso skin, and odd brown legs, and had black horns. He saw Eric and some nervous FNGs cringe as the demons howled in bloodlust.

"Pvt. Johnson! Load up the .50 cal and get ready to kick some ass! Cpl. Rathbury! Load your M4, grab a mag clamp, and find some grenades! If I catch you with an empty 203 I will cut your balls off and ship them to two different countries! Sgt. Matheson, get your squad MG ready, and get your grenadier team ready to go. Pvt. Ingram, get me HQ on the radio, and everyone else, lock and load!"

Cpl. Tarver, one of the battalion snipers concentrated on a group of demons. Since it was an AS50, its 12.7mm rounds could blow a Hell Knight's head cleeeean off. Tim heard him say, "come on you bastards...come to mama..." and he pulled the trigger. Horvath grabbed the binoculars and witnessed a beautiful sight: an imp took the round in the head, which basically disintegrated the whole top half of its head. But, that was only one demon.

Pvt. Chris Johnson was on the .50 caliber. He was one of those guys that played super-violent games and longed to kill legions of demons, and now he got his chance. He squeezed the trigger on the gun and let out a wall of hot lead. He managed to bring down maybe 10 demons, but with every one demon he killed, two more appeared in its place. But, then again we had machineguns, snipers, a grenadier team (consisting of 2 guys with revolver-style grenade launchers and one man with a rocket launcher) and a slew of experienced killers, and a handful of FNGs.

Part 2 Coming Soon

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niiiice. i know it is good to see the other side but a good war scene is alway good no matter which side it is on. can't wait for part two.

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