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bob the hellspawn

A Doom Story, Pt. 2

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Rathbury waited behind piles of sandbags. But since everybody else was scoring kills, he thought he might as well just start shooting. The demons were dropping like flies in a jet turbine, but they still kept coming, and their numbers grew more. Horvath went to the ammo can to get a spare magazine, but found it empty, so he ran to Pvt. Ingram, the radioman.

"Get me Cpt. Fletcher and tell him to send a transport filled with ammo NOW!"

Johnson was still pouring out a wall of lead, never ending his "game" which he thought of as "Super Turbo Demon Waster, 3!" but something happened that his weapons trainer would've had him clean latrines if that happened during Basic. He picked up another ammo can to refill the machinegun, and he loaded it and cocked it. He waited some 5 seconds to start firing and he heard loud pops coming from the chamber.

"Lt. Horvath! What the fuck is the .50 doing?"
Horvath replied, "Well open the chamber dumbass"

Johnson proceeded to open the chamber when some .50 caliber rounds blasted holes in his head. Of course, he forgot to let the gun cool down, or the bullets would start cooking off in the gun itself, which was what happened.

Rathbury looked down at Johnson. He saw absolute surprise in his eyes, and Rathbury was not at all surprised, seeing how little ol' Chris was a reckless sonuvabitch. But then, he felt a extreme burning sensation in his left shoulder. He turned around and saw a brown imp, so he whipped his gun to his shoulder and pulled the trigger. The only thing he heard was the click of an empty chamber.

"Dammit Tim, you really screwed the pooch this time..." said his conscience as he scolded himself. The imp was about to slash off his face when its own head simply disappeared in a spray of blood and brains. Rathbury turned again to see that his best friend, Cpl. Danny Ramirez was holding a smoking shotgun, smiling.

150 miles away from that location, two arch-viles were viewing the situation through a crystal, in a cave covered in moss and skeletons on the ground. They were talking in a mix of alien, English and a language incomprehensible to humans.

"It seems we have underestimated the humans. Do they have any casualties?"
"Yes, a foolish, what do they call them...oh yes a foolish Private."
"He died how? Eaten by a pink demon? Disemboweled by these Hell Knights? Scorched by an imp?"
"No, it was his own bullets. Weapon did something."
"Oh well. These humans are holding us off for too long. Send Barons of Hell, and two of your cousins! We'll see how they like that one...."
The two arch-viles let out scary hellish laughs as witnessed two arch-viles run out to assist the demons....

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wasn't there strong language before?

anyway, pretty good, nice way to mix it up by changing location and giving a view of what the enemy is doing.

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