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Skulltag Online Help

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i got a problem with Skulltag Online. (sorry if i'm in wrong topic)

To get to the point;

Many months ago, i've downloaded Skulltag and played it alot. Then i purchased a new PC, and today i want to download it again. BUT? All sites who refers to use Skulltag Online, shows a link for download; http://www.skulltag.com/download/skulltag_setup.exe

But hey? the link won't work. It shows a HTTP-error, and no download for me. Can someone help me with this? Another 'working' download-link for example?

- Thanks all people who wanna help me ;)

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Yeah, you should use IDE or IDEse to join servers now. IDEse comes with Skulltag so you shouldn't have to download anything extra (assuming you already downloaded the actual Skulltag port.)

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