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[suggestion] Shortcut keys

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This is just a little something that crossed my mind after I got a new mouse yesterday (due to my old one no longer working properly). With my old mouse, I had it set up to use the Mouse4 button for drawing sectors and inserting verticies/things, and Mouse5 as a delete button. The only reason that even worked in the first place was because the mouse treated Mouse4 as ALT+LEFT and Mouse5 as ALT+RIGHT, for browser navigation use. My new mouse has the same amount of buttons, but instead of being treated as key combinations, they are merely just generic buttons.

In my opinion I think it would be great if you were allowed to use mouse buttons for all shortcuts, instead of just a specific set of them, if possible.

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In the windows interface I can only catch left and right mouse button events and the behavior of these is hardcoded for the 2D drawing in the editor, hence why you cannot select other mouse buttons on actions in the 2D drawing modes. It's a windows limitation, nothing I can do about that. I could use DirectX (DirectInput) for the mouse in the 2D drawing modes, but I would have to change a whole lot of code to get that done.

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