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Multiplayer Dilemma

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Hi, I'm only new to the forum.

Until recently I'd really only player Wolfenstein online, but as my cpus a bit on the slow side I've given this up and want to return to Doom or any other multiplayer shoot em ups online.

Where exactly should I start with Doom? Or Quake even? Is it possible to get both games free today, for multiplayer, and are they free to play online?

Thanks for all the help!

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What do you mean you play Wolfenstein online? You mean like Enemy Territory or RTCW?

Anyways, if you want to play Doom online, I suggest you check out Skulltag. It has new game modes, new powerups, and even some new weapons and levels.

You can also check out Zdaemon if you want.

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Enemy Territory.

Don't know where to start with online doom, don't actually own the game, except on playstation, and that's no good, so where do I start?

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Well, you can buy the Doom Collector's Edition over at places like Wal-mart or Target for around 10 bucks. Or go look online for a better bargain if you want.

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