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What is a bex file?

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When I first got ZDoom it came with a file called "RailGun.bex". I never understood what the hell it was for. I knew it had something to do with Doom or ZDoom itself, but I did not know how to load it. Then I got the program ZDLaunch. This is a fancy front end for ZDoom that allows to to set up your game paremeters with out having to type in a 3 page command line. It also allows you to load up any iwad, pwad, and dehacked patch you want. Well any way this "Railgun.bex" file was already located in the selection box for dehack patches. So I naturally selected it, and loaded up a game. What ever this file is it turned the normal plasma rifle into a railgun that will shoot through a line of monsters.

To make a long story short. I want to know what a "BEX" file is? It's obviously some sort of exe patch. But is it created by Dehacked? If it is all well and good. But if it's not then what the hell do I have to use to make such a file? And how do I use it?

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You can use dehacked to make the base file for a .bex file, but to use the BEX features you have to edit the file with notepad or something.

To know what you can do with it, search around for a tutorial. I don't know where myself, but at least there should be one included with BOOM.

You can load .deh and .bex patches to ZDoom with the command -deh whatever.deh. You can also load it as a DEHACKED lump into a PWAD, so it's used when you play the .wad.

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