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Is there Doom in Strife format?

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Is there currently a means or plans of integrating full compatibility of Strife features into Doom thru ZDoom or GZDoom? ATM I can't get into the DRD website to check if there is even full support for Strife in GZDoom (can anyone confirm this?) A search in DW doesn't show this as a fact, however I discovered there is Strife in Hexen format.
Story is, I just got retail Strife, and while I can play it fine in vanilla, I thought of an idea, which is the real point of the thread:

I want to recreate the Doom plotline with Strife features. If the above scenario does not exist, I would basically make a Doom TC for Strife. While I wouldn't copy/paste any Doom maps (all would be original), I could import the textures and weapons and monsters.

Now a Doom TC for vanilla Strife would be pointless if I could just map Doom in Strife format, see where I'm getting at?
Are any of these ideas reasonable?

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Strife is fully playable in (G)ZDoom and all its features are accessible by the other games. So you should be able to do what you want.

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DeumReaper said:

I want to recreate the Doom plotline with Strife features.

This would make me incredibly happy.

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nightmare93 said:

question how do i get strife? do i buy or download???

It's priced from US$ 15 at Amazon and from US$ 12.50 at eBay. These prices do not include shipping & handling costs.

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