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Suggestions: A bit of Hellmaker imitation =(

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Don't get me wrong; Doom Builder is a great editor. Nevertheless, there are some things that Hellmaker does (no, not crashing) that I think could make Doom Builder much more convenient, even if they were implemented as optional features.

First of all, in Hellmaker it's possible to turn any enclosed space into a new sector by right-clicking in it. I know the right-click is already used for something else in Doom Builder, but any way this could be implemented would be great. It's a pain having to trace the outlines of complex areas that I already have all the linedefs for, when in Hellmaker I can just right-click inside it and have a shiny new sector.

Secondly, Hellmaker handles the selection of linedefs and sidedefs differently. One click selects the front side, two clicks selects, the back side, and three clicks (or an alt-click) selects the linedef itself. If you make edits to the selected sidedefs, it affects the selected side of each one. This is nice if you want to edit a bunch of sidedefs that are facing in different directions without having to flip lots of them. I guess because of the way Doom Builder has its sidedef editor (i.e. the separate editing of front and back sidedefs), this isn't really possible, but it'd sure be nice. :(

I'm sure there are other things, but this is all I can think of right now. The first suggestion is the most important to me; is there some easy way to make any enclosed area into a sector in DB that I'm overlooking?

Thank you for your time.

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asking for new features in DB is like asking id software to update vanilla doom.exe. i think we were pretty lucky to even get 1.68

i have a hard time beleaving codeimp will be anytime soon :)

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New features are indeed not really a priority anymore, because Doom Builder is no longer my main project. But also because many feature request people can come up with are only gadgets people would use only once in a rare case. The editor is basically finished. I might consider putting in a "make sector" feature like waded has (similar to what you described), but it is not that important IMO (as a mapper you should know how to make proper sectors yourself)

Bug fixes on the other hand will still be made in Doom Builder and I'm sure we will see a version 1.69 in a few months at most.

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