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Doom RTS [beta 3]

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Is there a god mode cheat? :)

edit: What's with all the strife rips man? There are only 3 actual Strife wads in the id games archive, and thousands of Doom wads that rip off various Strife Sprites, textures, and features <_<.

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Excuse for bad knowledge of English language.

Simply I am surprised with the limited interest to similar development.

The author of the project - DoomHacker, I help it.

I do not participate in development, but I am that person who has offered development of the project and I am engaged in its comprehensive support (a hosting, advertising, etc.).

P.S. Thanks that is pleasant to you Doom RTS.

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bob the hellspawn said:How about "Doomcraft" as an alternate title? [/B]

I don't know if you remember, but I think there was a lawsuit taken over some designers using a name with the word "craft" in it by blizzard, also, iirc, it was a free game.

other than that, this doom rts has interested me, nice work so far.

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I've been familiar with this for a while now (and yea it is made using gamemaker) but it's fucking solid to play.

I mean nearly impossible............

Plus it would be cool if you could play as the demons as well as humans.
Tho im sure they're all working on things like that. This is still a proffesional standard of work on a game.

And it makes me proud to be obssessed with doom.

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