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The Great Freedoom Graphics Improvement Project

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I actually liked the old Zombies better than the new Zombies...
I called them "Combines"...

as for the weapons, I think we should call the Chaingun a Mini-gun and the nickname the C-saw "Sea-Saw" as a clever joke. (ha ha)

EDIT: Oh, and the old bcrate looks better than the new.

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Well, the new zombie texture is looking MUCH better than old one, because the old one is looking too bright and too blurry.
And if only BFG name is (tm)ed, why rename other ones?

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Onslaught Six said:

How can I get that new Shotgun guy?

Fredrik mocked those up nearly 2 years ago. I'm not sure if he ever got more than 2 frames done, unfortunately.

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