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Im a relatively new custom WAD player and am currently working through archives like the cacawards and the 100 best WADs looking for Doom maps to play. What I am doing now is simply extracting the WAD files from the zip file and running them with zdoom and whatever IWAD is necessary. However, some projects (Like Hell Revealed) come with more than one WAD file. For HR there is one with the levels, and another with ROTT music. My question is this... How can I play the HR levels, while listening to the ROTT music like HR was intended to be played? The way I have been doing things I can either play HR with Doom2 music, or play Doom2 with ROTT music.

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The way Ive been doing things I have simply just been clicking the wad files and Zdoom will run them. If the .exe file your talking about is Zdoom, then you will have to elaborate

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All you have to do is drag both wad files onto zdoom.exe and ZDoom should load both of them.

If you really need a more graphical front-end kind of way then you could download my ESL wad launcher utility (link is in my sig).

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