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A little tiny coding help

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A few questions before I get started. There are a few small things i would like to do with the code for this heretic wad. All i want to do is Make it so there is only one episode selectable and change the name, change the music order, and the level names (also eliminating the map that apears at the end of every episode one level). Any hlep would be appreciated.

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You're looking for a custom coding job on the original source, or do you need help setting up these features for a particular H/H source port?

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You can easily change the music order and level names if you use a source port that supports mapinfo. Eternity would be my first recommendation if only its Heretic support were complete. As it is, ZDoom would be your next best option.

Changing the actual start menu is something I'm not sure is possible without a custom engine. Perhaps ZDoom supports this as well. Doom's was easy to change because the episode titles and level names on the intermission screen were graphics which could be replaced. Only the level names on the map display were hard-coded into the engine, and while the music arrangement was hard-coded as well, it could be easily changed by loading a new song into the appropriate level slot. In Heretic, the episode titles and level names on the intermission screen are hard-coded as well (although I believe it pulls the intermission screen name from the same data as the map display, so mapinfo should cover both intermission screen and map display). Furthermore, Heretic re-uses music, so loading a new song into E1M1 would also change E3M1, as opposed to Doom which loaded individual songs per map even if it was the same song file loaded twice for E2M5 and E3M5. If you're trying to load new music for a single episode, this won't be a problem; just make it E1 and you'll be able to load 9 new tracks without figuring which is re-allocated to where. But again, if you're going to use a mapinfo lump, this won't be necessary.

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