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A couple of sculptures

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Actually looks as if they were made of plasticine.
Despite the colors they look quite good though!

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Those are pretty cool. The odd color choices (particularly on the marine) had me surprised for a moment, but I'm digging them (I wonder if the coloring is intentional, or if they were the only materials available)? I agree with Coopersville that the Hell Knight and the Revenant are the best of the lot.

I've never played Doom 3 . . . is the Pinky Demon out of scale with the marine? I've always pictured them being bigger than that in my mind.

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They look pretty cool. I agree the Hellknight and Rev are the best two. they are all out of scale tho, the marine should be up to the commando's shoulder and the rev is much taller. The Hellkniht is almost twise the size of a human. and the pinky is also too small and not very beefy. He must have starved to death trapped in one of those monster closets and doomguy hasn't had a good meal in awhile. so is about to make himself some pinky pot pie.

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