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A Question About Games In XP

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This is been going on for a little while now. I got my PC in 03 and have done a system restore a few times over the years. All of a sudden, older games I try to run on here like Quake III run choppy at 640x480 and over and the game I'm trying to run now (Outlaws) is doing it too. I never had this problem before and it shouldn't be doing this. Anyone had this problem before and if so can it be fixed? Reply if you know anything. Thanks in advance.

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Your drivers are probably all funky if you've done a system restore a couple of times. Uninstall things like DirectX, reinstall, and get all new drivers (overwrite if necessary). Run Windows Update a few times. Do regular maintenance, like removing stuff you don't use, clearing out caches, and defragging.

Don't rule out a hardware problem, either.

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