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Vavoom's config files for DoomBuilder

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Did some searching around and couldn't find anything on this subject...

The Vavoom's config file for using the engine's features in Doom Builder is available for quite a while, in the port's download page here http://www.vavoom-engine.com/download.php . If I rememebr correctly they were done by Janis himself (the port's creator), probably after constant bitching by me :D. Just kidding.

Anyway, it adds things like the Slope things (Vertex' height, Sector inclination and Zdoom's slope special), 3D floors special, Light source (colored) things, etcetera, etcetera... (I'm just too dumb to point every feature available, probably someone a bit more knowledgeable can list them all).

Just that I was browsing the DB page and it didn't list this one, only for other ports out there.

It's used constantly for Korax Arena map making so be sure it works like a charm, the only sad thing is that you can't see the special features working on 3D preview... :) But that would be to ask too much.

Anyway, hope this is useful to someone.

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