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Map 03 and the Yellow Key

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I don't know if this is a bug report or a request for help. On Map 3, I've pushed both the button near the yellow key and the one that pops up as a result. Nothing seems to have happened. I can't go into the other door with the four commando-like dudes (says I need the yellow key). And I can't go back though the blue door before that as it asks for the red key (bit strange, that).

I hope this was the appropriate place for this...

Edit://I'm using PRBoom v2.4.4 and Freedoom v0.4.1

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Seems to be a texturing "bug". There's an elevator at the yellow key platform, but it has the same texture as the other pillars. When you're standing with the back to they key in the yellow key room, just press the right pillar near the platform.

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Ah, so is the second button suppposed to allow you to lower this platform?

Anyway, thanks for the assistance.

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