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whats with teleport flags?

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I have a problem that I can't get around. Alot of my teleport flags will not stay, everytime I type a number for the flag and then click check all difficulties, press ok. And when I go back to that objects properties, everything is back to the was it was before. Especially the damn difficulty markers for that object. (It keeps going back to easy only or whatever it feels like) Is this a common problem? And how can it be resolved?-

im sorry im a noob. wasnt even a problem. I figured what i was doing wrong out. those flags are to specify all those checks lol

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What kind of editting program are you using? Doombuilder, Deepsea, DEU, Slade, or XWE? What format are you using? Zdoom, Doom 2, Doom 1, Skull tag, or Jdoom?
Are you sure you just aren't clicking cancel by accident?

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