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wintex and wadauthor

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There are no 'most updated' versions. Both are very old tools. WadAuthor, for example, has not been updated for 8 or 9 years and all you might find is the latest version. I haven't found any download for something older.

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Graf: Actually Wintex have been continusly updated and last time I checked it was at version 5.0. Might have stopped now though.

In 2004 I think the author of WadAuthor came out saying that he were working on an update. But nothing seem to have come out of it.

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The latest WadAuthor is on the archive, and so is the latest WinTex.

This is the site of the guy currently in charge of WinTex, and you can get a cache of the dead WaDAuthor site on Google if you search for wadauthor (the one where tha author says the program is dedicated to his father).

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