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sprite placeholders

Should we have sprite placeholders?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we have sprite placeholders?

    • Yes
    • No

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I think we've discussed sprite placeholders before but we haven't decided to use them before.

"The People's Doom", a (seemingly dead project in a similar vein to freedoom) started out by making placeholder resources. The sprite was an artist's manakin.

I think we've avoided doing something similar because we didn't want to rest on our laurels (time better spent on doing the sprites in question, etc.). But, as things stand, playing any PWAD at all that features an arch-vile or revenant swarm is pretty much impossible.

So: should we add sprite placeholders to the next freedoom release?

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Jon said:

So: should we add sprite placeholders to the next freedoom release?

Yes, please!


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I agree that placeholders (even crappy ones) are better than the floating "graphic not done" box. Perhaps put the word "placeholder" above their heads in the sprites. My crappy sailor (SSWV) is definitely in the placeholder category.

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What I plan to do is superimpose the existing "graphic not done" box on the skeleton sprite (which used to occupy the demon slot) and map that to each unfinished monster.

Although, most of them are done now: there's just the cyber, spider, arch off the top of my head.

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Ok, I'm just committing the skeleton sprites to trunk: I've mapped most of the arch-vile frames to them (not the pain or resurrection frames yet). I'm going to play with superimposing the rectangle next, then mapping to cyber/spider, then perhaps frame offset adjustments (it looks pretty comical right now)

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