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who knows this map?

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hey, new here, whats up? i was lookin for a user map my bro showed me like 2 years ago, i think it was pretty popular. he has no idea what im talkin about now. it was supposed to be like a madhouse in a movie, it reminded me of house on haunted hill. its mostly gray walls and floors, you start in a cell then go down a hall into a blood pit, then there's a big room with a red star in the middle a little later. its huge so i dont remember how it all goes, but most of it was dark gray halls, lots of narrow staircases too, and theres another scene outside where you come up on a castle type wall and it looks over a water pool. also at the end you can walk around the outside of the building, theres a huge moat around it too, and i think you fight a cyberdemon in a big open space before going out. oh and there was also a lil wooden room with a ceiling fan. um.. anybody know what im talkin about and where to get it?

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