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A set of Fort4

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This wad contains small nice maps, so I recorded seven NMs and two maxdemos. Originally I wanted to do an all-NM set, but two maps would take too much time to beat, if at all.

The hardest recording was the NM of MAP05, because it's full of chaingunners and it's necessary to go round much of the map twice, making the end quite chaotic. When I was getting ready for running to the exit, having switched to RL with 9% and when that trooper respawned right in my face, I thought I'd be dead, but I got lucky. And exited with just 1% :) Pack here

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That map05 NM was quite exciting :)

I'm more of a max type of guy, so I improved map04 to 2:06, and map07 to 2:54.

I also did a max for map03 in 0:34, and improved the NM Speed to 0:24.

Improved the map02 NM Speed to 0:33.

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I am also very happy to see this as that is mapset by czech author :) Btw. Some year ago me and Method recorded maxdemos on Fort2, I will look if I find them somewhere...

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Belial said:

After seeing your initial post before editing, I was going to suggest that you could do some more, but went to sleep cause it was nearly morning. But I see you did that, anyway :) Yea, good job, those demos. And in MAP02, I didn't realize that you can step over that little crate in the small room near the start :)

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