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Ongoing brutal hazings of servicemen in Russian military

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Recently, a serviceman sustained fatal injuries from getting kicked in the face by a drunken commander outside of Moscow.


This is not the first major incident in the military involving abuse among servicemen, however -- it is part of a pattern of a myriad of hazing incidents that mainly target young, fresh conscripts throughout Russia and that are carried out by older servicemen that had been serving longer. These incidents had sparked great concern and questioning of human rights in the Russian military and had blemished the reputation of the military.

In case you haven't heard, an infamous incident occurred around the previous New Year's holiday that resulted in the amputation of a young conscript's legs and genitals:


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Meh, it's no worse than the Soviet Union's commisars. They'd shoot any soldier on their side that didn't immediately charge into battle. How's that for boosting morale?

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A similar incident (a conscript being killed) precipitated the elimination of the conscription service in my country, in the mid 90s.

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It's a shame how in Russia abuse of conscripts is still highly prevalent and how conscription is pretty much inevitable for a large portion of people from 18 to 28.

As far as I know, even if you're living in a different country and have a Russian citizenship and you would visit Russia and are within the age range of 18-28, there is a high probability of becoming a conscript. To avoid becoming one, you'd have to pay a fortune.

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