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"NetGame" in Doom 2

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Hey guys, I havent been here in a while. So anyway, on with the topic.

I had Doom 2 on Windows 3.1 before, if I remember correctly. Everytime I push esc and enter the main menu of Doom2, there's always an option called netgame. It isnt there in any other version of Doom2 I have now or in any version I could find. When I choose this, I'm in this new level. I'm in a building facing a dead end with a chaingun in front of me. To the left and right of the chaingun is a doorway that leads out of the building. And everytime I pick up the Chaingun, an Archvile appears. I never really got past the Archvile.

Do you guys know any more about this? I wasnt able to find ANYTHING on this while searching google and such. It's unusual and I had this game A WHILE BACK. I'd say back in '96 or '97.


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Cheat through it and show us some screen shots. Perhaps it's some kind of Coop level that was available in some kind of collector's edition version of Doom 2?

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But that's the thing, I dont have it anymore. I played a while ago. Now, I got nothing on it. Someone has to know something about it.

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